Here you can find Internal Evaluation folders and booklets that accompany ELP Professional Learning Programmes.  We also offer a small selection of relevant books.

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ELP Produced

  • Internal Evaluation Framework Handbook

    This folder will support your centre's internal evaluation inquiry journey in a systematic way

    Price $50.00
  • Ready for ERO Workbook

    Work in ways that are meaningful, measurable and motivating to ensure you are Ready for ERO

    Price $12.00
  • Folder&Workbook Combo

    Internal Evaluation Framework Handbook + Ready for ERO workbook combo

    Price $60.00
  • Learning Stories in Practice

    Margaret Carr and Wendy Lee have often been asked for a follow-on practical companion to their seminal 2012 book Learning Stories; a complimentary book that provides practical advice for teachers who are embarking on a `narrative assessments-for-learning' journey. After much anticipation that book is here at last!




  • Learning Stories: Constructing Learner Identities in Early Education
    Price $55.00
  • Understanding the Te Whaariki Approach: Early Years Education In Practice
    Price $55.00
  • Te Wheke: A Celebration of Infinite Wisdom
    Price $40.00