Teachers as learners: Developing a community of learners through inquiry

Whakapūpūtia mai ō mānuka, kia kore ai e whati  
Cluster the branches of the mānuka, so they will not break. 
(Unite with a basic philosophy and know which direction to go)

To download a flyer for printing please click HERE. For more information about what is involved and how to apply please read below.

Programme Highlights

  • An internal evaluation focus - based on what you want to grow in your centre
  • Growing teachers’ as inquirers
  • Supported self-directed professional learning
  • Opportunities to be supported through cluster hui, centre visits and an online forum
  • Opportunities to widen your professional network and create a sense of reciprocity amongst the ECE community
This professional learning is over 18 months and will support centres to embed the processes that create an alignment of internal evaluation, teacher’s inquiry, teacher appraisal and teacher certification renewal. Teachers will have many opportunities to deepen their understanding of Te Whāriki (2017).
You will join a cluster of other passionate teacher learners focused on engaging with their own inquiry that will strengthen their whole centre’s internal evaluation. Teachers and centres will develop a collaborative understanding of the Professional Standards through their inquiry.
Assessment and curriculum design are an integral part of the professional learning program because Learning Stories are often strong evidence of teachers understanding of current theory and research. Areas of inquiry over the 18 months could include the following:
Social competence
Infant and toddlers
Culturally responsive curriculum
Understanding your local curriculum
Working theories and dispositions
Curriculum areas
Assessment, planning and evaluation
Te Whāriki 2017
The programme will start in January 2019 with a cluster hui for all centres.  Then over the 18 months there will be several centre visits from an ELP Facilitator, an online community will support teachers research, and finally a time for teachers to share their innovative ideas with the whole cluster…..

How did your journey unfold?

Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa
Let us keep close together, not far apart

How to apply

Please complete the online application form by clicking on the link below and one of team will be in touch.

Application form: SELO 3 Rotorua 2019