In-Centre Workshops

Below are some of the workshops that ELP facilitators have presented as part of private, centre-based professional learning programmes.  Our facilitators are available to present one-off workshops, or as part of a more in-depth professional learning programme.  

This is not a definitive list of workshops, and our facilitators are happy to tailor workshops to the specific needs of your setting.

To arrange a workshop in your setting please contact us

Learning and Planning Stories 

Documenting children's learning in a way that is meaningful, effective, achievable, and makes a difference.

The Language of Learning

Creating a setting that inspires children to explore their possible selves fully, unreservedly, with flair and passion.


Reviewing how: "An environment is a living changing includes the way time is structured and the roles we are expected to play."

Image of the Child

Understanding that image is everything - if the image we hold for children or of interaction patterns is one of deficits, then our principles and practices will reflect this.

Leadership and Growing Great Teams

Thinking about sustainable, transformational, systematic, and pedagogical leadership.  Using Tātaiako and Self Review to create a shared understanding and vision.

Mathematics and Literacies

Growing an environment in which mathematics and literacies practices are nurtured and documented.

Social Competence

Reviewing: is this place fair for everyone?

Wise Practice in Infant and Toddler Settings

Leaving room for imagination, possibilities, and creative energy.

Putting the Lens on Te Whatu Pōkeka

Looking at validating, sharing and building on the values, philosophies, and practices related to assessment based on kaupapa Māori.

Transition to School

Reviewing the importance of relationships for successful transition.




$334 including GST for a two-hour workshop, plus travel.