Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2016

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to our fabulous Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2016. The event was a huge success, thank you to all of the amazing presenters who delivered outstanding workshops and presentations.  
Blessed with lovely weather the whole day was filled with positive, joyful energy and we can’t wait to do it all again next year! Until then you can see our Keynote and Workshops by clicking here.

Here is a snippet of your fabulous feedback:

"Really enjoyed listening to Wendy Lee and Margaret Carr's presentation/slideshow insights about learning stories and how they can be used to transform our teaching practice" - Anna Holloway, Otahuhu Kindergarten

"Was great, very inspiring, great ideals, well worth coming" - Anja Poole, West harbour Whizz Kidz

"Wow, what an amazing day out! really enjoyed it, I have learn't so much and cannot wait to start implementing these in our centre!" - Gemma Haliday, St James Kidsway

"A great balance of keynotes and workshops, always engaging, frequently inspiring. Many thanks for having me!" - Helen Aitken, Cambridge Road Community Kindergarten

"This is my first time to attend this conference. That is so awesome and professional! It inspires me to do more documentation about children and understands more about the power of learning stories. Also every teacher is able to do it and has the ability to do it well. Thank you for today! Happy to come back next year!" - Holly He, Tuis Nest Childcare Centre



Celebrating Learning Stoies Conference 2015 

We had a great time bringing you this conference, we hope that you enjoyed it too!  We will update this page with next year's information as it comes to light, until then you can see our Keynote and Workshops by clicking here.



Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2014

Another amazing conference done and dusted!  We will be announcing this years date soon so keep an eye out!  See all the workshops here, as well as Learning Stories by the workshop presenters