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Newsletter 01/2014

  • To Praise or Not to Praise
  • Gill Creates an 'Urge to Read'
  • Introducing...Marianne MacPherson
  • Recent Events - Dunedin
  • Upcoming Events - Auckland

Newsletter 03/2013

  • Les Aventurieres
  • A Gentle Nudge
  • Jo's Latest I.T Recommendations
  • Irresistably Engaging!
  • iPad, iPlay... Conference
  • Upcoming events

Newsletter 02/2013

A special Bicultural Issue:

  • The Māori Creation Story and the Learning Child
  • I Have Been Reading...
  • Chimamanda Adichie: The Danger of a Single Story
  • Unpacking My Kete. Ko te Kore - the Child Has Potential
  • Learning Story: Water Baby
  • Upcoming events

Newsletter 01/2013

  • The power of pretending
  • The nature of the suburban
  • Who is...Tania Bullick?
  • Observations from a centre
  • New computer survival tips. From one who knows.
  • Tuia te rangi e tū iho nei, Tuia te papa e takoto nei - Join the sky above to the earth below, Just as people join together
  • Upcoming events

Newsletter 04/2012

  • Ane leid is ne'er enough
  • ulearn 2012
  • Finding and seeing the possibilities and the 'magic'
  • Observations from a centre
  • I have been reading: Inspiring Spaces for Young Children by Jessica Deviney, Sandra Duncan, Sara Harris, Mary Ann Rody and Lois Rosenberry
  • Fireman Sam - Junior Cadet
  • Upcoming events

Newsletter 03/2012

  • Exploring literacy and numeracy possibilities: how wide and deep can we go?
  • Returning to Germany
  • Who is...Amy Barker?
  • More news from the ELP office. Congratulations, Tasshi Marie!
  • Who is...Lynn Rupe?
  • Upcoming Events
  • ELP conference 2012 - Whakawhanaungatanga - Teachers, children, families, communities

Newsletter 02/2012

  • Margaret Carr and Wendy Lee - Learning Stories. Constructing Learner Identities in Early Eduction
  • Blogging
  • Appreciating Creativity - Whatever Shape It Takes
  • Who is...Gillian Fitzgerald?
  • Taking The Time to Stop, Listen and Reflect
  • Learning Story: Putting My Foot down
  • Upcoming Events

Newsletter 01/2012

  • Same, Same but Different - Finding the Edge for Change. Reflections from a Holiday Break
  • Who is...Carol Marks?
  • A Potentiating (Powerful) Environment for Life Long Learning
  • Jo's ICT List for 2011 - in Review
  • Long Grass and Paradign Shifts
  • I Have Been Reading: Why Love Matters - How Affection Shapes a Baby's Brain by Sue Gerhardt
  • I have Also Been Reading: Maisy's Amazing Big Bokks of Words by Lucy Cousin's
  • Upcoming Events

Newsletter 04/2011

 A special issue focussing entirely on books:

  • Arts
  • Education and Care of Children under 2 Years
  • Environments
  • Learnig and Teaching
  • Literacy
  • Social Competence
  • Māori

Newsletter 03/2011

  • Kei Tua o te Pae Revisited: Valuing Language, Culture and Identity
  • Back Up, Back Up It's Too Late to Reverse
  • I Have Been Reading...The Philosophical Baby by Alison Gopnik
  • Upcoming Events
  • Gifts of Kindness
  • Shared Reflections That Grow Everyone's Understanding of What Valued Learning Looks Like, with 2 Learning Stories
  • ELP Blogs
  • Responding to the Unexpected

Newsletter 02/2011

  • Lingering in the Back Streets of Tallin
  • I Have Been Reading...Puff the Magic Dragon
  • Upcoming Events
  • The Lowdown on Digital Camera Selection
  • Self Review, Staff Appraisal, Teachers' Registration Criteria and Thoughtfully Written Learning Stories: What Do They Have in Common?
  • Hugo's Stories Continue
  • Risk and Challenge: Are We Making Progress?
  • Carol Dweck Mindset Rule 3

Newsletter 01/2011

  • A Learning Story: The Team Photo Adventure
  • Jo's Top Eleven for 2011
  • Meet the ELP team: Who is...Jo Colbert?
  • ELP Membership 2011
  • ELP Programme 2011
  • Upcoming Events
  • I've Been Reading: 'Cows in the Kitchen' and 'Rading Magic, Why Reading Aloud to Our Children will Change Their Lives Forever'
  • Mindset Rule 2
  • Growth Mindset in Action: A Learnig Story
  • Learning Story: Mack You Have a Lot to Tell Us About Learning Something Hard

Newsletter 03/2010

  • Reflecting on the Art of Creating Bubbles
  • Meet the ELP Team: Who is...Lorraine Sands?
  • On the Subject of Planning and Other Things. Reflections, Ramblings and Ruminations.
  • Book review: Magic Places by Pennie Brownlee
  • Fontastic
  • Upcoming Events
  • Changes at ELP
  • Carol Dweck Conference and Mindset Rule 1

Newsletter 02/2010

  • A Conference with Carol Dweck
  • Meet the ELP team: Who is...Marie Thom?
  • Organisational Culture - Byron Katie
  • Impressions of a 4 Week Journey with a Centre in England
  • Four Weeks in Durham County North East England
  • An Apple a Day Keeps Jo Very Happy!
  • Book Review: Caring Spaces, Learning Places: Children?s Environments THAT WORK

Newsletter 01/2010

  • Te Whāriki
  • Jo's Top Eleven for 2011
  • Book Review: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
  • Programme Review: Lecture Series
  • Meet the ELP team: Who is...Julie Killick?
  • ICT Comic Life
  • ELP Blog
  • ELP Abroad