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Supporting Advancement of Learning Stories in America (SALSA)

Karina Ramos & others from the Great Pacific Child Development Center, Patagonia, Ventura, California

Karina: I was first introduced to Learning Stories while working at University of California Santa Barbara (at a workshop hosted by Margie Carter and Deb Curtis). After a bit of practice, my understanding of learning stories was deepened when we had the opportunity to hear from Wendy Lee and Annie White at a professional development training. I fell in love with learning stories when I realized the transformative power of this documentation. Learning stories have really felt like the “missing link” in the field of child development. Learning stories give the caregiver an opportunity to connect with the child, family and community in a way that honors the child and provides a professional, yet personal lens for the caregiver to share their observations and create beautiful, intentional experiences for young children. My passion for learning stories continues as I work to share my love of learning stories with my colleges in Ventura, California at the Great Pacific Child Development Center (on-site childcare for Patagonia).

Splash! Raphael's mud puddle experience

Making friends & making music

Hank's ball exploration

Sandpipers nap in the great outdoors

Julia Koumbassa, University of Michigan

The following 3 Learning Stories were used by Julia Koumbassa at our Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2019, in her workshop 'LEARNING STORY INQUIRY GROUPS AS A TEACHER COACHING TOOL'. This workshop looked at how leaders from the University of Michigan North Campus Children's Center utilize Learning Story Inquiry groups to bolster teaching and leadership practices. 

Julia Koumbassa holds a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. She has worked in the field of Early Childhood Education for over 20 years in various roles, including 14 years as a director in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Julia has supported teachers' use of Learning Stories for the last 5 years.

Helping a friend

Dino's welcome story

The meaning of coming and going

Jeanette Mulhern and Eddie Tanimoto, Cosumnes River College, Sacramento, California

This Learning Story was shared as part of a workshop, presented by Jeannette Mulhern and Eddie Tanimoto at our 2019 Celebrating Learning Stories Conference. The workshop explored how the use of Learning Stories unlock true family engagement opportunities with families, showcasing how integrating Learning Stories in a campus lab program can strengthen and help connect supervisors, teachers and faculty with the families of the children at the center. 

Jeannette Mulhern, is a faculty, professor and supervisor at Cosumnes River College, Sacramento, California, USA. Jeannette ran a preschool for 15 years, and worked on a research project with the Mind Institute with infant and toddlers who have autism. Jeannette is passionate in supporting adults in the early childhood workforce.

Eddie Tanimoto is a lead teacher at the Cosumnes River College Child Development Center in Sacramento, California. Eddie's journey with Learning Stories began through a series of trainings with Dr. Annie White. He was just starting out at a new center and it seemed like a great way to get to know his coworkers and enhance his teaching practices. Immediately he could tell how his work would transform because hearing the stories of other teachers captivated him and instantly made him feel closer to them. From here he had to know more. Within a week he started writing his own Learning Stories for his students and the reactions he received from families was sheer joy. They established a true connection and from here a great sense of mutual respect and understanding was natural, thus changing the entire classroom environment for the better! Now Eddie can't stop talking about Learning Stories and it has been an honor for him to travel and present on learning stories and learn from others around the world about how they are implementing them too. Learning Stories will take you on a journey. A journey filled with learning, laughter, smiles, and happy tears.

Joyful Joanna

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Pinecones, My Mama and The Wind!

Let's Break the Ice!


Stepping out of my comfort zone and facing COVID-19 fears
Isauro M. Escamilla, April 2020

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Out my window
Christine Carducci, EdD
SALSA Board Secretary (Supporting the Advancement of Learning Stories in America)

May 2020

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