Celebrating Learning Stories 2019

This year was an opportunity to explore ways in which we can use our documentation to strengthen our children’s identities as caring citizens. The outpouring of emotion that followed the 15th March demonstrated New Zealand’s capacity to care. Let us see what each of us can do in ECE and schools to deepen and strengthen a culture of kindness and empathy.  

It was so wonderful to be able to celebrate Learning Stories again this year, with such a great turnout of passionate teachers. We had so many wondeful presenters sharing the learning, many said this was the 'best conference yet'.

As always thoroughly positive and inspiring day. There is always a spark to take away and encourage us to keep pushing our learning boundaries. Thank you for another amazing day. The emotion expressed at the end of the day was a true reflection of how this day has touched our hearts. Best value for money PD ever!

The day was amazing and interesting with different values and qualities of knowledge that I put in my bag of knowledge to instil our young children the values of love, respect and care etc

I gave 5 out of 5 to everything as it was well organised, the venue was great with lovely sights of the basin, the food great and presentations excellent. A wonderful day.

Thank you so much for an amazing conference.  It was the best one so far (This was my 4th time). The 90 minute workshops were perfect. The keynote outstanding, the way the day went couldn't have been better.  I continue to be inspired by all of ELP, you have such great hearts,  thank you for leading the way.  

What a perfect day I had. Was just right - any more and I would have been overloaded. What a great venue too. Felt super comfortable and pampered! The provided resources in the ELP Conference Pack are super useful. Big thank you!

Thank you wonderful ELP people for continuing to lead Early Childhood practices - to be cutting edge - inclusive. The passion and commitment that you implore makes us as teachers continue to strive to be the best that we can do and be.


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