This page showcases examples of Learning Stories written by practitioners from throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand. 

Each teacher/teaching team shares their own story and teaching philosophy as well as a Learning Story they wrote for one or more children in their settings. Their Learning Stories show teachers as ethical and thoughtful researchers and commentators as well as caring and competent practitioners. They also show learning outcomes as dispositional and relational, sited in 'the middle' between the learner and the particular cultural environment.

Please also take a look at our ELP Learning Story Assessment Facebook page. This group Facebook page has been created by ELP as a place for teachers to share Learning Stories. Important to remember: please remember to seek parental permission if the learning story has a photo or alternatively take out or blur the photo before uploading.

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Sudha Jacob, Pakuranga Baptist Kindergarten (Auckland) - Where Does Butter Come From?

Jacqui has a Bachelor of Education (University of Auckland) and Diploma of Teaching ECE (Auckland College of Education).  Jacqui has been teaching at Pakuranga Baptist kindergarten since 1998, and has been head teacher since 2001.

“I am fascinated by children’s theories and find great joy in investigating their ideas with them.  I love the way early childhood can follow an inquiry-based model of learning and weave through many aspects of curriculum, so that children learn in a way that is meaningful for them and connected to their lives in such a rich way.

Sudha Jacob has a Master of Arts from the University of Madras (1999), and a Diploma of Teaching from the University of Auckland (2007). Sudha has been teaching at Pakuranga Baptist Kindergarten since 2007, she is interested in the way children's theories can be part of early childhood programme planning and lead to deep engagement in learning for both children and teachers.

ELP facilitator Carol Marks attended Jacqui's worksho, Investigating a Child’s Theory – “Butter Comes from Buttercups I Think” at the Celebrating Learnig Stories conference:

"This was a fascinating workshop! The team at Pakuranga Baptist Kindergarten believe that self discovery is powerful for children and this workshop showed a powerful example of teachers ‘tuning in’ better to children’s conversations, then creating an environment where Jayden could investigate and modify his existing theory “Butter Comes from Buttercups I Think?" By tuning in better to children’s conversations and using these to guide planning, they are able to build on children’s observations and allow scientific thinking through fostering the disposition to keep on trying if something didn’t work and to allow children to make the discoveries. It is not about ‘being right’.
This workshop was an example of wise, intuitive teaching where the principles of Te Wh?riki were very obvious."

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    This Learning Story, written by Sudha, and is a story that sparked a term-long scientific investigation, that followed children's scientific thinking and inquiry.

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