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Cathie is Assistant Principal at Halswell School in Christchurch where she is Literacy Leader and also leads a large junior school team. Prior to her current position, Cathie has taught in other Christchurch schools as well as schools in Dunedin and England. She has held a variety of leadership roles mainly in the junior school and also been a coordinator of a large HPP oral language  programme in Dunedin.

In 2010 Cathie was lucky enough to be granted a study award which enabled her to complete her Master of Education at the University of Auckland focusing on children with literacy difficulties.

In addition to literacy, Cathie’s other areas of interest are transition to school programmes, intervention programmes for at risk learners in literacy and numeracy, and assessment practises. 

Cathie first became interested in learning stories through participation in an Early Year’s Group in Christchurch which brought junior primary and early childhood teachers together to share ideas. In 2008 she participated in the “Curriculum Exemplars for Learners with Special Needs Project”. Since then, Cathie and the junior team at Halswell School have explored ways of incorporating narrative assessment to into their teaching and learning programmes.

In her spare time Cathie enjoys keeping fit, reading, cooking,  and spending time with her husband and 10 year old son.

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    This Learning Story is about Jamie, Mischka and Elle. It highlights how they are becoming familiar with class routines, choose their own learning and work together.

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