Megan Hunter, Longford Kindergarten (Gore) - The Art of Balancing

I began my Kindergarten Teaching journey back in 1997 where I graduated from Christchurch College of Education with a Diploma of Teaching. Over the years I upgraded my qualification to a degree, had a overseas experience and returned back to teaching in Southland.  I have been the Head Teacher at Longford Kindergarten since it opened in 2010.  

My pedagogy of teaching has had many influences in particular the Reggio Emilia Approach.  My special interests or passions include social competence, brain development, inquiry learning, collaboration, relationships, reflection and creating documentation that ce"lebrate children's learning!  

ELP facilitator Kathryn Delany reflects on Megan's workshop Making Our Philosophy Visible:

"I had the pleasure to attend this workshop by Megan. She shared the Longford Kindergarten teams’ processes as they developed a Philosophy Statement that clearly connected to Te Wh?riki's Principles and Strands, and on into teaching practice. Megan quoted Plato in saying that “Philosophy begins in wonder” and a definition of philosophy as a love of wisdom.

Megan shared processes that are easily replicated in early childhood education settings. Brainstorming teacher’s beliefs and values, and having in-depth dialogue about learning and teaching is a good place to start. ‘What is important to us?’ is a good discussion prompt we can all use. Megan reminded us all of how vital it is that Philosophy and Principle translates into Practice.

We can grow wise when we wonder - How do our Philosophy and Principles translate to practice everyday?"

  • The Art of Balancing

    The Art of Balancing is a Learnig Story Megan wrote for Lily which highlights both Lily's learning dispositions as well as their connection to the philosophy at Longford Kindergarten.

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