Melissa Osmond, Greerton Early Childhood Centre, Tauranga

Gillian Fitzgerald (ELP) attended Melissa's workshopThe Full Monty - Stories that have the whole shebang:

"I had the privilege of listening to Melissa Osmond, from Greerton Early Childhood Centre in Tauranga, speak at the Learning Story Conference in Hamilton recently. Melissa had shared how Learning Stories were an amazing vehicle for sharing learning in a multitude of ways.

I was particularly taken by the analogy Melissa used of a pie and Learning Stories. She spoke of how each piece of pie needs to be individually robust, no crumbling crust, lack of flavour or runny filling, for the pie to be successful. The same can be said of a child's portfolio. The Learning Stories contained within must also be robust, with no spelling or grammatical errors, lack of analysis of learning or depth.

She spoke of how, at Greerton, they use Learning Stories as evidence to support centre self review, professional development, teacher registration, appraisal and Planning Stories. Melissa's message was about the importance of producing quality documentation, one that identifies a teacher's ever growing understanding of teaching and learning and that shows planning, evaluation and continuity."

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