Beth Hunia & Becks Ching, Rangi Ruru Preschool (Christchurch) - The Great Duckling Escape Route, and Nests and Olives

Beth is an experienced ECE teacher and has a Bachelor of Education (Canterbury). She works at Rangi Ruru Preschool in Christchurch and part time as a Professional Practice Supervisor for University of Canterbury College of Education.

“I have an interest in looking at how children learn in a group and how the interactions between friends influences this learning.”

Beth and the team at Rangi Ruru Preschool have been participating in PLD provided by CORE Education in Christchurch. The team at Rangi Ruru is committed to providing an education for 21st Century learners and celebrating creative thinkers who develop working theories that help them make sense of their world.

Becks began her teaching journey when she graduated in 2006 with her Diploma of Teaching. Since then a lot has changed and she has had ongoing Professional Development in many areas over the past six years including a Certificate in Infant and Toddler Mental health.

The most influential Professional Development has been their recent team meetings with CORE Education. The team learnt a lot about how to create a team vision and philosophy and how to weave these values through assessment for learning.

"I am passionate about inquiry based learning and promoting a community of creative thinkers who are able to collaborate ideas and make learning meaningful to their own experiences. My Learning Stories will touch on these concepts."

Alison Brierley (ELP) attended this workshop on Documenting Group Learning :

"Beth and Becks shared their journey of inquiry into children's group learning. Graham Nuthall's work "The Hidden Lives of lLarners" inspired the teachers to think deeply about the way peer interactions impacted on learning and how children bring their own identities to the shared experiences in the centre. The metaphor of a pebble being dropped into water causing a 'ripple effect' was how Beth and Becks illustrated their ideas. Each ripple was a layer of participation and children moved in and out of these layers.

They found children had a powerful impact on the learning of others and influenced the level of participation of others. Group Learning Stories were shared, showing the complexities of discussion and interaction. Teachers have been discussing how to capture group learning within individual portfolios. Making this learning visible both to individuals and the wider learning community are some of the challenges they are thinking about. As a result of their research the teachers are letting children be the 'planners' and teachers are more aware of children's ideas and the complex working theories that children are investigating. There was certainly plenty to think about, sucjh as: how do we show the individual as a participant in a learning community? So much to consider and it was wonderful that Beth and Becks were prepared to be brave and share their work. Thank-you so much."

  • Learning Story

    This Learning Story by Beth is an example that illustrates the Preschools committment to celebrate learners and creative thinkers

  • Learning Story

    Becks' Learning Story, is a group Learning Story which she will be unpacking at the Learning Stories confernce. Becks will look at the children’s levels of participation in the activity in relation to peer interaction.