Loretta Lepa and team, Samoa Taumafai A’oga Amata (Tokoroa) - Learning Story for Lauren

ELP facilitator Lorraine Sands' reflections on Samoa Taumafai's workshop: Learning Stories from Samoa Taumafai A'onga Amata

"As we walked through the door to attend the Samoa Taumafai A'onga Amata workshop we were each welcomed with a flowered lei and this set the scene. We felt the warmth and passion as the teachers shared their commitment to their Samoan culture, language and identity through presenting Learning Stories that gave us a real insight into their teaching and learning culture. The response from the audience was an indication that we were truly inspired. We laughed and we cried and the reflections from the group show how much we were all affected by this team’s commitment to children’s learning. These are a credit to the teachers work. Their Learning Stories reveal the dedication they all have to grow their children and families’ understanding of their Samoan heritage inside a rural township in New Zealand within a 21st century learning environment."

  • Learning Story for Lauren

    Loretta's Learning Story for Lauren, shows the centre's deep understanding of Lauren's rythms and routines. It also highlights this centre community's strong foundation in Samoan culture and traditions (lullabies in this story).

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