Karen Ramsey, Roskill South Kindergarten (Auckland) - 'Come and Watch Me'

?Karen Ramsey is the Head Teacher at Roskill South Kindergarten and has been a part of this learning community since July 1997. In 2000, Karen participated in the Education Leadership Project and the discovery of Learning Stories transformed Karen’s teaching and learning practices. 

This ignited her interest and passion for documenting children’s learning and her vision for the use of ICT began. Karen went on to lead the Roskill South Kindergarten Centre of Innovation Project (2003-2006) and researched "How the use of ICT in pedagogical practice builds community, competence and continuity." (You can read the final report on this research here)

The Roskill South Kindergarten community has generously shared their stories with many and Karen has disseminated and inspired teachers throughout New Zealand and beyond.

Carol Marks (ELP) reflects on Karen's workshop Risk and Challenge - We Love It!:

"At this workshop, Karen Ramsey challenged teachers to think about pedagogical leadership concerning risk and challenge. She challenged the risk adverse culture pervading early childhood centres in New Zealand and urged teachers to be risk takers in their own teaching and learning. The teachers at Roskill South Kindergarten have a strong vision of what they want for their children, families and teachers and by taking children into Bush Kindergarten each week, a culture of care, trust, risk and challenge is being fostered for these children to learn values and a strong foundation for dispositional learning. Karen urged teachers to have a strong belief in what they are doing and to not give up when confronted with obstacles around risk and challenge. “It is our fear, not their fear (children's) that limits learning.” Karen suggested. A powerful, thought provoking workshop."

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