Megan Howell, Morningside Playcentre (Auckland) - Doing the Washing

Megan is one of the parent educators at Morningside Playcentre in Auckland. She has a PhD in Planning and has spent much of her professional life working in strategy and policy roles in local government and the research and academic sectors.  

Megan joined Playcentre with her son in 2008, and has enjoyed being immersed in a whole new area of learning.  “Becoming a parent educator has allowed me to learn alongside my children, and truly appreciate the incredible growth and exploration that is taking place in their early years.”

ELP facilitator Jo Colbert listened to Megan's presentation Learning Together, Creating a Treasureat our Celebrating Learning Stories conference:

"Megan talked to us about the value Morningside places on portfolios and the documentation within. She sees these as boundary crossing objects between home and the playcentre. Megan interviewed a number of children who had left Playcentre and were now between the ages of six and eight. I was really interested to hear the children’s reflections on why they value their portfolios and the replies when asked: 'Why do you like your portfolio?' ranged from, 'Because I am in it' to 'I feel good when I read it.'

Megan’s workshop was a reminder for us all that good stories stand the test of time and children will revisit, reflect and re-learn about themselves as they go through life. Megan views Learning Stories as a gift, and as a way of saying, 'I see your child, I understand and value what your child is doing.'"

  • Doing the Washing

    In her Learning Story "Doing the Washing", Megan writes about her 13-month old daughter, Xanthe, exploring and learning about real world objects, such as the drier in this story.

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