Sylvie Ker, Lynda Hunt & Nicola Billman, West End Kindergarten, Palmerston North

ELP facilitator Alison Brierley attened Sylvie, Lynda & Nicola's workshop on Moving Children Past "I Can't":

"The teachers shared their research into resilience, which was inspired by Guy Claxton and Carol Dweck. Nicola, Lynda and Sylvie and their teaching team have investigated 'What strategies support children to embrace challenges in their learning and become resilient learners?' This work has led to the development of a framework that has a definition of resilience and 5 key elements which teachers now use to support children's learning dispositions. Some of the key messages from the presentation were: learning is about participation, using the language of 'we' includes the child in a learning community, and teachers must be intentional and thoughtful when responding to children. Nicola , Lynda and Sylvie shared specific examples of how they give feedback through comments an through their Learning Stories.

There was a 'lightbulb moment' in the room when one teacher commented that the Learning Stories showed planning! Teachers were able to look through the book the teachers have published and their was much animated discussion around the possibilities and the practical information shared. Nicola, Lynda and Sylvie's work was inspiring and I, amongst others, came away thoroughly excited and enthused." 

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