Workshop 18

Inspire l Inquire l Imagine

Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2017

Session Three: 2.15-3.45pm


Presenter: Marianne MacPherson, ELP

Workshop 18: Children Assessing their Learning

Te Whāriki recognises ‘Children have increasing capacity to assess their own progress, dictate their own learning stories, and set goals for themselves ….. As they learn to assess their own achievements they also become increasingly able to plan new challenges’ p.64

In this workshop we share examples of what this looks like, ways to cultivate this, how to capture this through our learning story documentation and the way this impacts on building children’s positive learner identity.


Personal bio

Marianne taught in kindergartens in Auckland for 20 years before joining the ELP team as a professional learning facilitator in 2013 “Building respectful relationships with teachers and children responsive to their cultural settings the concept of ako is important to me, acknowledging that learning happens most powerfully when we are responsive to and respectful of each others strengths, passions and cultural knowledge”