Lecture/Conference notes, articles and presentations

Nathan Wallis - The impact of Neuroscience on our Practice


Book - Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby's Brain. Sue Gerhardt
Book - The Philosophical Baby: What Children's Minds Tell Us About Truth, Love and the Meaning of Life. Alsion Gopnik
Book - The Science of Parenting. Margot Sutherland


Magnolia Tree Childcare - Aligning practice to philosophy

Magnolia Tree Childcare's Powerpoint presentation from the Hamilton ASPIRE event in May 2016 

Guy Claxton - Building Learning Power: The Latest News From the Horse's Mouth (!!!)

Guy Claxton's Powerpoint presentation from his conference at Southwell School in July 2014

Margy Whalley - ELP Conference 2011: Whakatuwhera ō Kūaha - Opening Your Doors - Stories From Pen Green

Margy Whalley's Powerpoint presentation from her conference in 2011

Wendy Lee - A Growth Mindset - Learn It! Live It! Teach It!

Fixed mindset - Graphic by Michael Graham Richard

Growth mindset - Graphic by Michael Graham Richard 

Growth and Fixed mindset - Graphic by Katherine Lynas

Mindset Questionnaire - Mindset Online

Carol Dweck Publications

Julie Killick - Planning: Diary of A Crazy Woman

Julie's notes from her 2011 lecture


Prof. Margaret Carr - Thoughtful Teachers and Thoughtful Learners: Some Assessment Practices

Prof. Margaret Carr's notes from her 2011 lecture



Marianne MacPherson - Exploring the Framework of Building Learning Power: Pigeon Mountain Kindergarten

Marianne's notes from her 2011 lecture





Kerri Iwaskow - How Can Educators Support Children Through the Arts? 

Kerri's presentation notes from her workshop