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Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2017

Session Two: 12.30-2.00pm


Presenter: Marianne MacPherson, ELP

Workshop 13: Teachers Registration and Learning Stories: A partnership made in heaven

The new Standards for Teaching Profession have recently been introduced by the Education Council. The vision from the council is that ... “These standards endorse a holistic view of practice so that each standard is less fragmented than each of the PTC” (Education Council 2017)

Learning stories endorse a holistic practice of assessment providing “naturally occurring evidence” (Education Council 2017) in support of teacher registration. These stories share meaningful assessment of learning in the context of the child’s interests, strengths, dispositions and skills. Heartfelt stories that draw threads of learning together sharing and making visible the way children’s complexity and deepening of learning is enhanced by thoughtful and reflective teaching practice supported through teachers inquiry research. 

Let’s work wisely and keep our evidence of practice for our registration connected to learning for children that sits at the heart of our teaching practice.


Personal bio

Marianne taught in kindergartens in Auckland for 20 years before joining the ELP team as a professional learning facilitator in 2013 “Building respectful relationships with teachers and children responsive to their cultural settings the concept of ako is important to me, acknowledging that learning happens most powerfully when we are responsive to and respectful of each others strengths, passions and cultural knowledge”