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Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2017

Session Three: 2.15-3.45pm

Presenter: Jo Colbert, Chelsea Kindergarten

Workshop 17: Hitting the ground running

I have written learning stories for 17 years now, as a teacher at Westmere Kindergarten, as a Project Facilitator with Educational Leadership Project, as a Grandmother and most recently as a teacher at Chelsea Kindergarten. As I write this blurb I have not started in my new role and I am eager to explore what I know about learning stories and the values I hold for children and for their learning. I am curious to find out what the reality looks like for me as head back into working daily with children. This workshop will share some of my highs and no doubt lows of teaching and learning story writing.


Personal bio

I have worked in the early childhood sector for many years and have had a long relationships with learning stories, writing them first in 2000, supporting teachers for many years while I worked with Educational Leadership Project and more recently as a teacher at Chelsea Kindergarten in Birkenhead.

I am passionately interested in the documentation of children’s learning and over the last 12 years have facilitated many sessions with teachers on strengthening their learning story writing. I am always excited to hear the stories that teachers share and to be a part of their learning story journey, it is through this sharing that I learn and my learning story writing is strengthened too.