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Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2017

Session One: 10:15-11:45am

Presenter: Teachers from Greerton ECC

Workshop 2: Connection: the beating heart that drives learning

This workshop is framed by the way children seek connection and how, when they continually find it, they thrive as learners. Connections lead to relationships that generate a feeling of belonging and wellbeing. It is always from this sense of safety that learners choose to explore further and stretch themselves beyond what they know. Their curiosity to explore the world is strengthened in this kind of relational partnership.

So, how do teachers ensure that children’s experiences in early learning settings enable connection to thrive and most importantly how do they make these visible? This workshop will explore the critical role of Learning Stories in bringing valued learning to life, as teachers track children’s growing identities as social learners.

Personal bio
Greerton Early Childhood Centre (Infants & Toddlers) was a Centre of Innovation 2006-2008 and inquiry research has been very familiar to us ever since. After 22 years as a centre focussed on our very youngest children, we have recently combined with our older children to form a whānau centre. We now have a setting where children learn with and alongside children older and younger than themselves. The transition into a whānau setting has been one filled with thoughtful research, as we figure out how to nurture learning inside  this new space. As with all research we have been surprised, excited, puzzled and full of wonder. Our whānau setting forms the backdrop for exploring relationships with children, teachers and families that make a difference to each and every child.