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Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2017

Session Three: 2.15-3.45pm

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Presenter: Anita Homewood, ELP

Workshop 20: Infants and Toddlers: Natural Born Leaders

Infants and Toddlers are born with a motivation to make sense of their world. Through taking time to sit back and observe, we learn so much about what captures each infant or toddler’s curiosity, and the ways in which they explore and learn. This workshop will look at how to set the scene to support infants and toddlers to take the lead in their learning. We will look at examples of Learning Stories, which are a wonderful way to show how capable infants and toddlers can be in taking the lead.


Personal bio

I have always been curious about making sense of my world and am constantly in awe of the way infants and toddlers are driven to do the same. I have been writing Learning Stories to capture this valuable learning for infants and toddlers for a number of years now. I have been working with ELP for three years, and continue to practice as a teacher of infants and toddlers.