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Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2017

Session Three: 2.15-3.45pm


Presenter: Carol Marks, ELP

Workshop 23: Keeping a view of learning as complex

This workshop explores this complexity of learning and what contributes to children developing ‘knowledge, skills and attitudes’, contributing to working theories about themselves as learners.

Do we have trustful environments where teachers learn alongside children, show uncertainty, make mistakes and strengthen learning in an environment where working theories are formed through relationships and play, with the principles of Te Whāriki underpinning practice? Learning occurs in the context of interaction with people, places and things, through participation and relationships, often with complex outcomes. Children will be forming working theories that they can use for different occasions. Noticing, recognising and responding can lead teachers to acknowledge the complexity of learning and the role that uncertainty plays in assessment, Carlina Rinaldi (2003) reminds us that “children can give us the strength of doubt and the courage of error, of the unknown”.

When teachers wrap their growing knowledge and understanding into the context of their child's learning, families are drawn into conversations about learning in deep and meaningful ways. Learning stories that convey complexity will be shared at this workshop.


Personal bio

In her role as professional learning facilitator for ELP Carol has worked alongside teachers to strengthen learning environments and practice through deepening understanding of self review and assessment and planning. This assessment, using Learning Stories helps build relationships and connectedness within learning communities and recognises the important role that all people within learning communities play, to build meaningful learning for children, parents and teachers.