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Celebrating Learning Stories Conference 2017

Session One: 10:15-11:45am


Presenter: Kathryn Delany, ELP

Workshop 7: Continuity of Learning: Past, Present and Future

In this workshop we will look at ways in which we can document the continuity of learning in our Learning Stories.  Teachers grow complexity of learning through strengthening and documenting the continuity of learning for children.

Some of the ideas that will be discussed include;

  • making connections between learning stories or learning episodes
  • honoring the whanau voice
  • documenting “work in progress”
  • revisiting portfolios, folders, and files
  • telling stories about the past
  • sharing knowledge with others
  • commenting on connections across time and place
  • looking back in order to look forward


Personal bio

Kathryn is an ELP project Facilitator who is passionate about Learning Stories and Assessment that impacts on learning in positive and meaningful ways. She still gets to ‘practice’ on her 7 small mokopuna.